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Flash doesn’t work on my iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad mini

If you are a happy owner of  iPad, iPad 2, Pad 3 or Ipad mini. you are obviously aware of the fact that you are using the finest tablet computer so far. An Apple device is faster and more responsive than any other one among tablets. It is also a well-known fact that according to the graphics  iPad, iPad 2, Pad 3 or Ipad mini. remains a leader especially after Retina technology was incorporated into the latest version of iPad, iPad 2, Pad 3 or Ipad mini.. With all the advantages mentioned above and millions others you have probably faced one big drawback of any Apple device which is why you are here. Adobe Flash is incompatible with your beloved iPad, iPad 2, Pad 3 or iPad mini.

It should be said that there were some attempts of Adobe to introduce a tool for making Flash work on Apple’s IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out as the Apple Company thinks that Flash has no potential whatsoever and will cease to exist in future. But when the door closes the window is opened so other companies started developing some Flash apps for Apple users. As all IOS are hugely popular around the world a lot of companies got interested in introducing their own cure for Apple flash intolerance. The most popular and convenient and sometimes free will be described below. Here they are:

Photon Flash

Because of the huge demand for an alternative for Flash and thus a huge market, Adobe finally decided to swallow their pride and continue developping an alternative for Flash. There was a great demand for an easier way to combine Flash with html5 and that’s the reason Adobe created Adobe Edge. As this is also a good alternative for flash on your iPad  and iPhone, we’ll also be discussing and following the progress of this tool.